Thanks to the use of the best components, they are all certified according to European standards.

The solar cells used in our modules offer an high conversion efficiency of the sunlight. These property guarantee high yields. Our solar modules have only positive power tolerance of 0 + 5 W. These pledge a more stable production. The modules resist at the worst meteorological conditions and at extreme temperature.


All Waris solar modules are optimazed for every type of PV system, from residential to industrial and PV plant.

Warranty and Certification

Waris solar modules have a 12 years on product defects and a linear power output warranty:

  • 97% towards the nominal power* during the first life year and afterwards a maximum degradation not up at an annual 0,6%
  • 92% towards the nominal power* within the first 10 years from the purchase
  • 85% towards the nominal power* between the 11th and the 20th year from the purchase
  • 83% towards the nominal power* between the 21st and the 25th year from the purchase

All the modules are certified under IEC 61215:2005 and IEC 61730-1 IEC 61730-2

* If installed and used in compliance with the requirements for storage, installation, use and maintenance contained in the installation manual.