Thanks to the use of the best components, they are all certified according to European standards.

The solar cells used for our Solor Panels offer a high efficiency of conversion of sunlight to ensure a high standard of product quality.
Our high performing modules have a positive tolerance of 0 + 5 W. This ensures a constant and stable production of energy. They are resistant to weather conditions and more extreme temperatures, exceeding all tests IEC show a value of mechanical strength of 5400 Pa, ie, a pressure of 550 kg / m².


The Solar Panels without frame WARIS Series FL joined the mounting system for roof-integrated systems SOLRIF ® are the perfect combination to get an architecturally integrated photovoltaic system. This system is suitable for all types of inclined roofs replacing conventional roofing.

Warranty and Certification

WRS modules have a 10 year warranty on manufacturing defects and a guarantee on the minimum rated power: 10 years – 90% of rated power. 25 Years – 80% of rated power.
All modules are certified according to IEC 61215:2005 and IEC 61730-1 IEC 61730-2

The Advantages

  • More Incentives;
  • Enhance Your Solar Panel on the roof;
  • With Anti-snow system / Anti defrost