The company was created in 2009 and comes from an industrial group active in the field of hydraulics and toiletries. Studies to address the industry begin in 2008 with targeted visits and analysis of the market in various countries, especially in Germany – leading nation in this area. After the design phase – in the context of the evolution of the market and availability of know-how in different areas. Given the prospects for development of the Italian market, we made the decision to install the production in Italy and in the Province of Trento, being able to enjoy a large territorial network both in industries that the relational into account the scientific institutions in the area.


The plant covers an area of 3000 square meters and is located adjacent to the SS Caffaro, at the City of Storo. The technological systems installed include the entire production cycle: lacing cells, lamination, framing and Flash test. The processing includes all the control tests starting from the cells to the finished product. Particular attention is paid to the packaging of the product given the attention that is handling the product itself. The company’s production capacity stands at 60 MW.


For the Production of Solar Panel (PV) WARIS use high quality materials, in particular cells with high efficiency and stability, this with regards to the standard of the products WARIS. Another specificity is the development of tailor-made panels for better integration on roofs, especially in town centers and on buildings of particular value. The company manufactures Solar Panel (PV) suitable both for installation on roofs of medium and large size and solar fields.


Waris Srl is geared primarily to retail – in line with the company’s mission – in bringing energy to the place where they are consumed. The end user can find the product WARIS in numerous outlets located in different Italian regions.


The quality policy is the main point of reference on which the company places its strategy. In addition to the product, the focus is primarily towards customer satisfaction. WARIS, possessing all the requirements for processing of clean and non-polluting, pays particular attention to a rewarding work environment for workers, the main architects of the overall quality of the product.