Sector Activities


The area in which WARIS develops its activity is the production of PV modules according to the specifications contained in the product data sheets.
The activity is developed according to a LAY-OUT defined which includes:

  • Welding of the cells;
  • Phase lacing;
  • Lamination;
  • Border, Flash test.

All processing steps follow a pattern encoded with the goal of obtaining a consistent product in its performance. Particular attention is paid to the selection of suppliers, especially of cells. The production lines need continuous technological updates in various stages of processing in order to obtain a product that is competitive in both price and technical specifications. Whereas, with the development of photovoltaic industry form will cease to be considered a technological product, it will become the equivalent of a comodity, comes the need for the company to be more competitive. Next to the production phase WARIS has a field for the study of innovative solutions and the use of modules in new areas.

Brief references to this activity: Solar Panel (PV) cooled – with better performance of the panel itself – and use of heat removed to increase the heat balance of the building, applications in the automotive field (BOX-Garage-energy).